Water Governance Centre

The Water Governance Centre is a networking organization that aims to strengthen the role of water governance in water issues both in The Netherlands and abroad. This may refer to, for instance, more interaction between water and spatial planning in order to make sufficiently room for more heavy downpour when climate changes. It may also refer to better agreements between countries in a river catchment to avoid conflicts over water.

WGC is not an institute in a physical sense, with staff that carries out research into ways to strengthen water governance. It is a networking organization that makes sure that this type of research is being carried out and results in recommendations that find their way into the water sector. It joins parties such that they discover each other’s disciplines and competences, and mutually strengthen their water governance capacities for the issues in The Netherlands and abroad.


WGC not only connects professionals. It also connects professionals to society. For Dutch citizens it is obvious to have dry feet, a high level of flood protection and drinking water from the tap. The Dutch are not aware of the investments in the water infrastructure but governors do need the citizens’ commitment for this. Communication between professionals and the society continues to be crucial. This is not part of the role WGC aims to play, but the Centre does support the processes that are needed to make the necessary connections.

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Water Diplomacy Consortium

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International Water Security and Peace Conference
WDC Seminar on (international) water conflicts
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Water Governance Centre
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