Joint Education Programme “Water Cooperation and Peace”

Programme Water and Peace
UPEACE The Hague brokered the tripartite MSc programme of UPEACE Costa Rica, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and Oregon State University, which will be started with a first batch of students in September 2015. 

These institutions jointly developed a new Master’s programme on “Water Cooperation and Peace”, which has been endorsed by UNESCO’s “From Potential Conflict to Cooperation Potential PCCP” programme. The goal of this new initiative is to broaden the scope of approach to conflict and peace, provide a more theoretical dimension to conflict, engage multi-level scales of conflict dimensions and strengthen skills through highly experiential learning opportunities.


The Master’s programme, through a multidisciplinary approach, will provide participants with a theoretical and historical understanding of conflict and peace dynamics and frame issues of water security and cooperation in the broader context of environmental issues, in depth knowledge of and skills in critical analysis of water conflicts, an understanding of socio-hydrological dynamics, decision making processes on water resources and services management, water diplomacy, water dispute prevention, management and resolution skills and tools to promote/achieve water security and to ensure dialogue and cooperation between different and competing users at different scales. Additionally the programme will offer the opportunity to undertake fieldwork and hands-on experience in Costa Rica, The Netherlands and USA. Participants will be exposed to different case studies, involving diverse challenges and contexts at different scales.


The taught part of the course will begin at UPEACE in Costa Rica, continue at UNESCO-IHE in The Netherlands, where also part of the course will be taught at the Clingendael Institute for International Relations, and end at Oregon State University in the USA. The research element can be carried out at any of the three institutions. Students will be able to choose from a project and thesis option, with further opportunities to specialize based on skills and future career goals. Students will be awarded an MA and an MSc in Water Cooperation and Peace, and have the option to continue at the University of Oregon for a Juris Doctor or Master of Law.


The flyer may be downloaded from the right hand side of this page.


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