Three new publications on conflict, justice and reconciliation in South Sudan

12 Nov 2015   

Three new reports have been published within the research project “Intersections of Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in South Sudan”. The project is carried out in cooperation by the University for Peace (UPEACE) Centre The Hague, the South Sudan Law Society (SSLS) and PAX.


Justice and Conflict in South Sudan. Observations from a pilot survey - Briefing Paper

This briefing paper presents initial observations arising from a pilot survey conducted in Juba in April 2015. The findings presented in this paper are intended to stimulate research and debate on the needs and opportunities for justice and reconciliation in South Sudan.


The legacy of Kokora in South Sudan - Briefing Paper

This briefing paper presents the findings of a historical case study on Kokora, a word associated with the decentralization policy enacted in southern Sudan in 1983. This analysis is linked to contemporary debates on decentralization in South Sudan.


Legacies of Enforced Disappearances in South Sudan – Briefing Paper

This briefing paper examines the legacy of enforced disappearances—or the arrest, detention, or abduction of people by state actors followed by a refusal to acknowledge the act or conceal the whereabouts or fate of the disappeared person—that occurred during the 22-year war (1983-2005) in South Sudan, with a particular focus on events during the 1990s.


More information can be found on the project page.

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