Lecture Series "Peacebuilding in Progress"


In 2014 UPEACE Centre The Hague initiated a Lecture Series called "Peacebuilding in Progress". These lectures take place in the Seminar Room of the Academy Building of the Peace Palace. They are held in an informal setting, from 5 till 7 pm (including drinks), and are attended by some 40-50 participants from various walks of life. 

Costs of participation are € 10; for students there is a reduced fee of € 5.


If you wish to receive an invitation to attend the lectures please send an e-mail to info@upeace.nl.

The 1st lecture was held by Ms Judy Cheng-Hopkins, Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support, United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO), and Member of the Council of the UN-Mandated University for Peace (Costa Rica), on "Peacebuilding: What, Why and How?", 7 March 2014.


The 2nd lecture was held by Prof. Jan Pronk, Chair in the Theory and Practice of International Development at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam, on "Preventing Conflict Escalation. Hearts and Minds. Boots and Brains”, 27 May 2014.


The 3rd lecture was held by Prof. András Szöllösi-Nagy, Rector of the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, on “Water: A Source of Conflict or a Potential Peace Builder?”, 3 July 2014.


The 4th lecture was held by Sir Kenneth Keith, Judge of the International Court of Justice, on “International water disputes - The roles of international courts and arbitral tribunals in resolving them”, 28 January 2015.


The 5th lecture was held by Robert H. Serry, former UN Middle East Peace Envoy, on “The vanishing prospects for a two state solution”. A reflection on his seven years on the ground in Jerusalem and why he believes the 'one state reality' is on the parties' doorstep, 9 September 2015.


The 6th lecture was held by Herman Schaper, former Dutch diplomat, on "The Candidature of the Netherlands for Membership of the Security Council 2017-2018", 3 February 2016.



Clicking the title of the lectures will enable you to download texts, reports, background information, etc.

At the bottom of this page you may find visual impressions of the lectures.


Summaries of the lectures are also published in the online Diplomat Magazine.


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Photo Album
PiP Lecture nr. 1 by Ms. Judy Cheng-Hopkins, 7 March 2014
Photo Album
PiP Lecture nr. 2 by Prof. Jan Pronk, 27 May 2014
Photo Album
PiP Lecture nr. 3 by Andras Szollosi Nagy, 3 July 2014
Photo Album
PiP Lecture nr. 4 by Sir Kenneth Keith, 28 January 2015, photography: Niels van Tol
Photo Album
PiP Lecture nr. 5 by Robert Serry, 9 September 2015
Photo Album
PiP Lecture nr. 6 by Herman Schaper, 3 February 2016